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Denfeld High School is one of two public high schools in Duluth, MN. This being the western high school in Duluth it is normally associated with scuddy teenagers, poor test scores, and a general lack of care for school. In reality most of the students come from at risk homes and family backgrounds resulting in acting out behavior. Students from all high schools in Duluth fail to realize this, and thus give the school a bad rap. Most kids at Denfeld are hard-working and are trying to make ends meet.
The Denfeld Hunters have a rich history spanning back over 100 years. The historic school was built during a time in Duluth when steel factories (among others) dominated the western side of town. This required many workers and with the workers came their families. The school was build with beautiful, original plaster designs and moldings. The two grandest spectacles would be the large 4-story clock tower and the auditorium. The school colors, maroon and gold, hold very personal pride in West Duluth. Generations of families have attended the school and still attend concerts, sporting events, and many other activities at Denfeld.
Although many people find it easier to just brush off Denfeld as a horrible place to go to school it actually holds great diversity, talent, and pride. The student body at Denfeld fights to do well in school and pay bills at home. Duluth Denfeld High School is a prime example of working hard to earn what you have.
"Don't you go to Duluth Denfeld High School? I'm sure it sucks".
"Actually it's fine, but everybody likes to pretend we're the scum of the Earth".
by ZenithCityKid February 05, 2013
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