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1. JK is the current Duke of Hoboken. He is a self selected Big Boy. He has a history of stellar academic performance and significant athletic achievements.

2. The male ruler of certain parts of Hoboken, including Helmers and Zylo. The Duke is second in command to the King of Hoboken, Srf. The Duke lives alone in a spacious two bedroom apartment overlooking Manhattan. The two bedroom has a day bed and multiple change containers filled to the top with his riches. Although, it is lacking a bedroom curtain.

3. A position in Hoboken who can consistently slay multiple women, buy all hotdogs from the hotdog vendor, and overtip. The Duke is surrounded by his followers, whose average age is well over 50.

4. Enemies include Cake Boss fans, onions, and minorities (in theory). In reality the Duke likes and excessively tips all minorities.

5. The Duke does not receive any monetary rewards. However, he is granted doughnuts and coffee on Sunday mornings by the owners of local restaurants.

6.Known associates include the King of Hoboken and that Dude from Hoboken.
The Duke of Hoboken went into Liberty bar last night after eating at Zylo.
by Mike Dead Mike August 19, 2011
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