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A party involving all of your best guy friends, usually because the kids involved can't get girls (but not always). Originating in CT, it's often reffered to as a "brosweat".

Called a dude sweat because all of your close best guy friends are there partying. The sweat part comes from the one kid (usually foreign) who sweats when he drinks, and, sometimes, depending on the location and how many involved, everyone sweats.

Dudesweat is not subjected to a party, as long as your friends are together and drinking it counts
"yo are your parents still goin outta town? Let's have a dudesweat".

"dudesweat tonight at my house"
by DyslexicSpeedreader December 09, 2009
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Acts that are performed by seemingly heterosexual males that are suggestive of anal-sex/homosexuality; usually occurring during intense situations of excitement or perspiration.

Congratulatory ass-slapping/ cupping, inadvertent clasping of hands, spotting each other on squats, wrestling/grappling moves/holds that mimic butt-sex and the missionary position.
Looks like some serious dude sweat going on in here.

There was some serious dude sweat on UFC last night.

Those two guys were doing some hardcore dude sweating over on the squat machine.

by Ballin' September 20, 2007
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