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A term describing that awesome, spiritual or fictional mental place; where a man and dudenesses can relax. A fantasy place where everything is dudeacious.
1.Dude I have to get out of here and go chill at Duderville.
2.This weekend I just hanged at Duderville, taking in the vibs!
3.Man you need to take some time and head for Duderville, chill!
by G. Bauer September 24, 2007
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Slang term; locals' name for the town of Duvall, Washington in the Snoqualmie Valley.
Erin: Sup dude? Where you at?
James: Nada. Out in Duderville at my mom's place.
Erin: Ok, tell Carl to come down from Lake Marcel and lets meet up at Glass Peaks.
by he who escaped December 25, 2011
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