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The Duckworthism Disease is defined as a condition found in people who are prone to whining, a full out cry baby, or a tantrum in it's most extreme form. Also known as a
Duckworthy attack or Ducky meltdown, or most commonly known as chucking a Duckworth
Shannon Duckworth: Why do you all say such mean things about me? I am leaving now and I am never returning ever again!

Lisa G: Oh Shannon, please hold yourself together, we don't hate anyone here, it's all shitz n' gigglez, don't take it so personally.

Higz: Lisa I have tried to explain it to her. Shannon, it may seem like hate going on here, but it is all synthetic, not real hate, we're just messing around with you.

Shannon Duckworth: I don't care for it, you are such mean people, I'm never returning, you lot are an evil bunch! I'm outta here!

Lisa G: Higz, I think she is having another Ducky meltdown, obviously she is having an attack of the Duckworthism Disease

Higz: That's right Lisa, she hasn't had her Duckworthism booster shot yet

Shannon Duckworth: That does it you are all an evil bunch, I am leaving now!

Lisa G: Shannon, you have been saying that for weeks now, just go then, leave

Shannon Duckworth: I mean it, I AM LEAVING NOW! GOOD BYE HATERS!
by Higzy June 15, 2009
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