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V. - To "pucker up" in preparation of kissing/sucking a dick. The special formation of the lips and tongue was invented by a roundtable commission of egyptian, blasian, and exotic sod women in 2005. It involves a bell-curvature on top lip and a miniature inverted bell-curvature on the bottom lip, with the tongue's center wrapped in a U shape and the sides flattening out to either side. This provides ideal sucking for those who get the meat of their pleasure from providing head.
Tim Scro: "Jennifer, ducker up buttercup, here I come."

*One minute later*

"Aaaah! Jen Itols, you are the best girl in the universe. I'm so glad I decided to put in that extra $100 in the last ten seconds, or you would've been shipped to that other bidder."
by G.M.H. November 08, 2009
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