A ducken is basically a fuckboy who makes weird shapes with his mouth. It is basically a chicken+duck hybrid
John: Have you seen Alex?
Albert: No why?
John: The way how he is talking to Susan makes him look like a ducken...
by IMJAYBITCH August 16, 2018
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Ducken (Ducked) The inhalement of "vapor" by using a rubberduck as the waterjar of a Waterpipe.

Getting stoned by using a rubberduck as a waterpipe.
Modifying rubberducks into waterpipes for the sake of the greater good, we Ducken on every saturday.
by prinslycan November 28, 2011
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duckens is a annoying person to other people and he he ask's gay but he is really not

he's an asshole to people to who every it is
duckens-hahaha imagine not having a mom
by duckmen9999 December 22, 2020
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