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The best type of magic ever. It can only be performed by "magical beast man," unless he teaches you it. Magical beast man was given Duck Magic powers when he found Muhammed King Tut (That famous mythical dude) living in a cave on fairy island. Duck Magic can summon survival guides, evil zombie Back To The Future fans, small blue cars and maps of fairy island. If you want to teleport to magical beast man, you will need to do a Nunji Ritual that consist of singing "The Summer Song."
I was driving my car without concentrating and I ran over a Jolly GΓΆttinger going 88 miles an hour. Suddenly Duck Magic occurred because he stood back up and walked away, though his guts were hanging out.
by MrWrightFan26 July 29, 2018
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Magic unlike any other. Duck magic is something like a miracle appearing before you very eyes. Duck Magic originated when a duck appeared from thin air in the brush.
I got this term paper done in 10 minutes. It was like Duck Magic.
by Cacinogen33 April 01, 2009
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