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Known for shaving his ame into his head and the ability to not be blocked. Also for putting all of his facebook status's in quotes. Some say he is a self-absorbed asshole; and others would agree. He is loved by many and hted by few. Many people envy his "Hit-it and quit-it" attitude. A person like the "Dubzykid" would be self-obsessed, and not care about what others think. Some famous quotes by the Dubzykid are "PAAAASSSSSSSSS DEFFEEEENSSSSSSEEEE!!!" and of course, "I'm to nice to girls, I couldn't break up with them so I just cheat on 'em." The Dubzykid takes other names, such as the more shortened version,"Dubz" as well as Dylan, every once in a while. He can often be found roaming the halls of Burnt Hills, or on the football field where, every once in a while he makes a good play
person A: "you hear about Dubzykid's latest"
person B: " nope, but I'm sure I don't want to"
by Sean Simpson December 03, 2010
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