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Adjective: A person who has been (most often recently) introduced to a genre of electronic dance music (EDM), Dubstep*. This person does not believe any other forms of EDM exist. Common traits of someone who is dubstupid are:
-Failure to recognize any form of EDM as not dubstep
-Failure to properly categorize dubstep at all
-Complete and utter ignorance of EDM and the culture pertaining to it
-Desperately trying to "fit in" with another group, while knowing not a single thing about which they are talking (music wise).
-In extreme cases, attending an EDM event not catering to dubstep and complaining loudly to everyone they can about the lack of dubstep at said event.
*People who are dubstupid should be educated or killed on sight
Mike, "Hey man, check out this new Headhunterz track! I heard it live!"

Matt, "Wow! This is wicked!"

Steve, "What the fuck is this? This is the worst dubstep i've ever heard! Where's the wobble?"

Mike, "Uh, this is hardstyle, Steve."

Matt, "Jesus, Steve, you're the most dubstupid person I know!"
by DrMowinckel April 04, 2012
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