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The living Embodiment of Cancer. He was born before time itself and has caused all of the worst moment of human history, this creature invented these following things,
1. Sarcasm
2. Suicide
3. The word and meaning of "Goon"
4. Cancer
And so much more.
His cult believe that he is in an endless battle with the most powerful entities like Cthulhu, Goku, Zamasu, All Above One, Anti Monitor and Chuck Norris.
His cult (The Struggle Buns) believe that once he has defeated his opponents he will return to humanity and it's motive is unknown.
Du'chey has a range of powers and abilities like,
1. Reality Warping
2. Omnipresence
3. Omnipotence
4. Immortality
5. Madness Manipulation
6. Invulnerability
7. Omniscience
This list doesn't come close to the power it obtains.
There is simply no example of Du'chey, Due to his unthinkable potential.
by Struggle Bun February 09, 2017
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A adjective used to describe people, places, or things.
Friend 1: "Hey man, read this pick-up line I just thought of."
Friend 2: "That pick-up line sounds really duchey."
by A Sad Fat Kid November 02, 2018
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