Form of casual, new relationship exploration that possesses many of the characteristics of traditional dating (e.g. dinners out, cooking together, drinks at bar, movies on the sofa) but lacks to a confusing extent a physical component; not even a kiss goodnight. Especially perplexing to one party when the other (the non-move-making party) is in the initiator of all dates.
Shannon, "What's up with you and Bob?"

Jennifer, "We're dry dating. We've been out six times and he still hasn't kissed me."
by DatinginSF June 13, 2010
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a date in which you do not get any action at the end of
(guy 1) - How did the date go?
(guy 2) - Oh it ended up being a dry date.
(guy 1) - Ahh, shitty deal.
by Shannon_Cannon March 30, 2010
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