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displaying the American tradition of getting drunk while also celebrating or proclaiming American patriotism (drunk + patriotism). Often causes one to do stupid shit like wear American flag swim trunks or bikinis and run around yelling things like "F*ck yeah, America!!!" for no reason. Though this can be seen across the country, it is particularly prevalent in the south where people do this at sporting events, barbecues, and ALL Gulf Coast beaches. Beware of people showing drunkioticism while attending 4th of July celebrations and keep firearms/fireworks out of reach.
Tom: Hey, Beth, we are really looking good in our matching Old Navy 2015 4th of July tee shirts.
Random drunk guy passing by: Yeah! Woo! Fucking America! Woo!
Beth: He certainly was drunkiotic.
by Dom Viol June 09, 2015
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