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Drunken Love is the euphoric feeling you get when you drink, You feel amazing contenections to people that when you are sober you would'nt necesarily notice, people who when you are sober aren't necesarily as homely,doryk, fugly, looking, now that you are drunkenloved. You also feel better about yourself, decrease inhibtions, mixed with drunkenlove= a big fat amazing drunken ego! Also know as Pretty Preception
People looking better, more charming, euphoric state that is what DrunkenLove is all about!
by Josh the McSkimming July 14, 2006
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Drunken love.

When two people fall inlove whilst intoxicated. They both tell each other how much they love each other, and then they both wake up the next day, full of regrets and confusion.
Person One: Are you two still together?
Steady One: Nope, It was only drunken Love.
by Mr Pyschotic May 07, 2010
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when one person gets drunk(usually a female) and confesses their love for someone else that is also drunk,drunker,not as drunk,or even sober. They never meant what they said when they become sober again though.
drunken love is..

Drunk Britnie- Ooh Blake..i love you soo much..i want to be with you forever. lets go bang.

Totally in love with Britnie Blake- Really? oh my! i love you too.

Sober Britnie- i never said that. i dont love you..?!

Blake- =(
by lovieeeee April 26, 2006
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