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A) A Gnome that is Drunk

B) Highly respected and idolized Fun loving drunk related to the dwarf community

C) Carefree and jolly midget badass who occasionally are sober for no longer then the time it takes to wake up and reach for their stein, put on their lax pointy hat, pocket their smoking utensils, and post up on their colorful mushroom throne. Order may change depending on circumstances.

D) Rumored to be descendants of the all powerful and holy beer gods these Gnomes are worshiped by all Gnomes and fellow 4 footers of every kind especially their not to distant relatives the Garden Gnome.
E) Ancestors of the Hungover Gnomes

F) The James Bond of Gnomes
Man the Drunken Gnome can drink! Not to mention he brought enough booze for all of us too!!!

When i grow up i wanna be just like them.

"How did he make that slam dunk!?" (BLAM! Right in the kisser) "Nobody questions a Drunken Gnome!"

May your days be plentiful and blessed by the Almighty Drunken Gnomes, Amen.
by DrunkenGnomes November 26, 2014
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