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A rare disease that has been linked to the mass consumption of big gulps. Similar to vampires, those afflicted by the disease only display the symptoms at night. These nocturnal creatures have been known to call not once, not twice, but in such large numbers that the average person would be embarrassed to live in the same city and go by the same name used the night before.

UPDATE: though this disease has existed for centuries, advanced technology has aided in the morph of the disease. The current form of drunkdialitus now not only affects the afflicted in their need to vocally express themselves over the telephone, but now creates a passion so severe that if this need is not fulfilled, text messages will be used to reiterate the ferocity of the need.

Related words: drunkdialidite: one afflicted by the disease drunkdialitus
OMG. Did you hear John got diagnosed with drunkdialitus?!? We weren't positive that he had it but last night he called that girl 5 times and then sent her a text message saying "Answer my calls" and then called her again. He should move and change his name but he probably won't because now he's a drunkdialidite.
by 2carolines September 16, 2010
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