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Also known as a "Whore-nado," A Drunk Bitch Voltron is the result of 3-5 inebriated females at a social event linking together. This usually begins as a group hug of sorts, and then is used in order to keep balance. A Drunk Bitch Voltron can last from anywhere from five to forty minutes, but can occasionally result in skin grafting, which is referred to as a Drunk Bitch Voltron King. Drunk Bitch Voltrons are notorious for knocking over drinks, crying, and collectively screaming.

Causes of a Drunk Bitch Voltron include but are not limited to; "their song" coming on, a group talk about boys, general drunk affection, and the completion of a social shot.

Sometimes one member of a Drunk Bitch Voltron will lose stability, resulting erratic swaying or even a complete structural collapse (odds are increased when heels are involved).

DBV's cannot be reasoned with, because when forming Drunk Bitch Voltron each member sacrifices their individual hearing to become one being. It's like.... science or something.
Person 1: Oh no! A hurricane is coming this way.

Person 2: Dude, that's just a Drunk Bitch Voltron.

Person 1: Let's move before that DBV spills my drink.


Person 1: I think I'm going to ask the DJ to play Lady Gaga

Person 2: Umm... aren't you afraid of a DBV?

Person 1: Oh shit, you're right.

Person 2: You know how I know you're gay?

Person 1: How?

Person 2: You were about to request a song by Lady GaGa

Person 1: You're so original, I've never heard that joke in like... a Judd Apatow movie before.

Person 2: That's what she said!

Person 1: You're not impressive when you act this way.
by WOOOOOOO! July 04, 2009
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