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The act of getting absolutely obliterated off jagerbombs, and dancing hard as fuck. As soon as the caffeine wears off from the red bull, and you're still drunk as fuck, you post up a veg at one of da boiz house (preferably Mr. Wet) and game NHL or CoD. It is acceptable to puke, as long as you get it in a bucket for an easy clean up in the morning. Along with any sort of veg, a blanket, gatorade/G2, and food is necessary. Also, there is much sauce, as usual.
Fawce: Downes, you've drank enough jager to take down a horse. lets go to my place before PD comes out and i need to call an ambulance. Its time for a drunk veg.
Downes: something completely incomprehensible/irrelevant.
Fawce: i just called a cab, get your shit together
by downesybahd April 29, 2011
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