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after a long night of doggy style, the handsom male ejaculates on the drunken girls back. then she proceeds to role over onto her back and pass out. the next day she wakes up, to find herself stuck to the sheets. but not all the sheets, just the bottom one. the Drunk Turtle is similar to the superman, except the superman is with the top sheet.
example 1.

Steve: hey jeff, did you hear that Max gave Nicole the Drunk Turtle the other night?
Jeff: no way man, that is the cats pajamas, i love to give girls the Drunk Turtle
Steve: yeah man, we should go find some bitches and drunk turtle them as well.

Example 2

Anthony: listen bitch, i'm only gonna tell you this once. Either i get to give you the Drunk Turtle, or you don't get the fuck me. you can however make me a sandwhich! actually i don't want a sandwhich, i just want to give you the drunk turtle!

Bitch: :) ok i love when guys cum on my back and then i pass out, it is super not degrading and i tell my parents all about it. it's the best thing since sliced bread.
by Gorman Green Man September 22, 2011
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