A period of 2 or more days of consistent use of illegal narcotics (e.g. weed, pills, speed, MDMA, mephadrone, cocaine, 2CB etc) without sleep. Normally (but not always) with a combination of drugs to try and stabilize the upper/downer effect - therefore maximizing the length of the binge. Often participants will consume large amounts of alcohol but never seem to get drunk due to effects of all the drugs.
"Hey dude, you don't look too good."

"Yeah I feel like shit, been on a 4 days drug binge. It was awesome!"
by RLD123 March 13, 2011
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Ingestion of large amount of drugs over a short period of time. The crashes are horrible and you may possibly feel suicidal/homicidal, paranoid, delusional etc.
Gil: you look like shit no offense are you okay?

Mari: low-key I'm coming down, I've been on tweak, black and drinking heavily everyday for the past two weeks. I feel like shit , don't drug binge yo
by Capvenushoe May 12, 2018
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