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A weird beautiful chick. By her upbeat and encouraging attitude you would be surprised to find out all she has really been through. She comes off a lil nuts, and she is, but she has a calming element to her and just wants to get right and help the whole world be at peace. She understands we are all connected, the whole system is fucked, and often goes on about crazy conspiracy theories, having those around her rolling their eyes, though few will really get what she is saying is very true. She herself is real and true. You can learn a lot from this unique individual if open to new ideas. She is a very rare and precious gem. You can not hold on to her, for she is free, but you can hold the lessons she teaches you along with the spicy love close in your heart forever. She has the ability to make you melt and give you the chills at the same time. While she is very sweet and caring, she a killa, too. Be very careful not to cross this person. Most likely gender fluid or genderless. She/He . Very easy to talk to and pour your heart out , has a way of relating to everything you say , you find it natural to express your thoughts and feelings about anything and everything to her. No matter what the encounter, you will never forget a Drucy.
Duuude have you met this Drucy chick? She wild bro.. She on some different shit.

Wtf kinda name is Drucy?
by Swishh66 December 12, 2018
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