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1. The action of 'breaking the ice' in such a way that you embarrass yourself. Instead of opening up a conversation with you, it results in you being shunned from the conversation and being spoken about badly.

2. The act of preventing an argument by entering the conflict and yelling a profound and unnecessary statement. Can often result in you taking full brunt of both arguing parties rage...but also makes for an amusing story later on in the day.

3. Revealing a contraceptive at an inappropriate occasion, resulting in being disowned by the rest of the group.

4. Opposite of rape, as opposed to being ‘owned’ you own yourself for the better of mankind. Like taking a bullet 'Harrison Ford from The Fugitive Style'. Essentially, taking one for the team with no regard for your own reputation- dropping a condom.

Also: to drop a condom, dropped a condom
1. Wow...he took one for the team there; he really dropped a condom with that joke about dyslexics so I could get her number.

2. Stone: "Bite me"
Wim: "Bring it"
Peter: "I'm wearing your lesbian mothers' underwear!"
Wim And Stone pummel Peter to a pulp.
Toke: "Well, he certainly dropped a condom"

3. "More tea Ethel?"
"Why Thank you Eliza."
Michael *drops condom in teapot* "Wana shag?"
"Good grief Ethel....control your Grandson!"

4. What a guy...dropped a condom, raped himself, but look at all those innocent fools, ignorant of the fact that he saved their asses.

5. Dropping a condom on the situation.
by Raving Professor No Legs July 26, 2006
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