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The final resort but often the easiest way out.
You're most powerful option in succeeding at anything in life.
Unfortunately, once used, the trump card can rarely be used on the same person again. If reused it will rarely be as powerful.
Bill Gates: And then I played my Trump Card.
Your Boss: Sorry John, I can't give you time off work again. You're grandmother died 5 times last year...
John: Looks like I overplayed my Trump Card
by Raving Professor No Legs April 17, 2007

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1. The action of 'breaking the ice' in such a way that you embarrass yourself. Instead of opening up a conversation with you, it results in you being shunned from the conversation and being spoken about badly.

2. The act of preventing an argument by entering the conflict and yelling a profound and unnecessary statement. Can often result in you taking full brunt of both arguing parties rage...but also makes for an amusing story later on in the day.

3. Revealing a contraceptive at an inappropriate occasion, resulting in being disowned by the rest of the group.

4. Opposite of rape, as opposed to being ‘owned’ you own yourself for the better of mankind. Like taking a bullet 'Harrison Ford from The Fugitive Style'. Essentially, taking one for the team with no regard for your own reputation- dropping a condom.

Also: to drop a condom, dropped a condom
1. Wow...he took one for the team there; he really dropped a condom with that joke about dyslexics so I could get her number.

2. Stone: "Bite me"
Wim: "Bring it"
Peter: "I'm wearing your lesbian mothers' underwear!"
Wim And Stone pummel Peter to a pulp.
Toke: "Well, he certainly dropped a condom"

3. "More tea Ethel?"
"Why Thank you Eliza."
Michael *drops condom in teapot* "Wana shag?"
"Good grief Ethel....control your Grandson!"

4. What a guy...dropped a condom, raped himself, but look at all those innocent fools, ignorant of the fact that he saved their asses.

5. Dropping a condom on the situation.
by Raving Professor No Legs July 26, 2006

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The act of ejaculating because of text sex.
"Dude...why is your keypad sticky."
"I texjaculated on it last night"
"...man, you gota put that thing to your ear. You are sick."
by Raving Professor No Legs July 30, 2006

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A word that a teenage guy says shortly before having sex with his girlfriend.
Dude 1: All I said was 'I think I love you...'
Dude 2: Man...You used the 'L' word. Thats certainly playing your trump card.
Dude 1: Yep...playing my trump card ALL NIGHT LONG!
by Raving Professor No Legs April 17, 2007

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The act of telling somebody to remind you to do something to either make you look like a good person because it is a good deed. Or to pass on responsibility so that you can blame them when you forget.
"Steve, remind me to visit the old people's home on Christmas"
"Ted, you don't care about old folks, thats such an empty reminder to make Janice like you"

Doctor: "Nurse, remind me to avoid that blood vessel"
*blood spraying and alarm bells*
Doctor: "Why didnt you remind me, this all your fault."
by Raving Professor No Legs August 31, 2006

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Similar to radio silence but with facebook. The process by which you appear offline on facebook chat and check what others have written on your wall but do not reply or do anything that may appear in your news feed. This way, nobody else will know that you were on there.
Tim: Dude, I posted the funniest link on your wall and you never replied.
Mark: Oh yeah, I got that when Linda was really pissed off at me and I decided to go to facebook silence so she didn't know I was there.

Steve: I didn't go to the party last night so went to facebook silence so that people didn't know I sat in on facebook all night. This meant I could later give the charade of having had just as cool a night as the party-goers.

Dave: Dude, I haven't replied to that creepy girl who sits behind us in Chemistry on facebook...so now I have to stay at facebook silence whenever I log on so she doesn't know I'm ignoring her and just thinks I'm ignoring facebook.
by Raving Professor No Legs September 06, 2009

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A turd that just won't flush. The same as a floater but named in honour of the great magician and escapologist Houdini. The only way to defeat a Poodini is to sink it using a magic parachute like piece of toilet roll which drags the fecal matter down to its watery grave.
Meeting her parents was fine, till i left a Poodini in the downstairs toilet..gee that was embarrassing.
by Raving Professor No Legs August 31, 2006

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