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A sport that requires at least three people to perform (Driver,Counter, Burger thrower), burgers, a car and unsuspecting victims. 5 minute rule applies.

Burgers are thrown at the victims, resembles a drive-by, from inside the car. Points are gained by how much the thrown burger costs plus the impact/damage. Bonuses can be accumulated by the location of where the burger hit the victim's body.* The points are then recorded by the Counter, participants then switch places. Whoever scored the most is the winner and crowned as Burger King. (This is how the Fast Food restaurant, Burger King, originated. But now they aim at the victims' mouth and if successful, the victims are required to pay).

*points and bonuses are set agreed upon the participants.
jon: hey, im bored and there are a lot of people out in the streets.

jef: i've no job atm, and im pretty bored too.

bob: you thinkin what im thinkin?

all: Drive by Burger!!!!

jon: whats consequences? we might even be seen and get employed by Burger King if we do a great job.

jef: oh cool. ill start first, jon u count the points and bob, get ready to put the pedal to metal!!!

*later that day, they were all employed*
by Jan Nam. September 21, 2010
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