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Similar to a traditional Disc Jockey that would either perform playing on Turntables or CD Players, a Drive Jockey is a new generation of DJ that soley uses a desktop or laptop computer with specialty software to play music from.
A number of software applications now make it also possible to utilize video outputs to play videos on to screens at events, making them more multimedia based instead of just music.
An Example is the use of one such program called virtual dj that does not require the use of any control vinyl or control CD. This software allows for the search of, cueing playing and blending of music all from the software utilizing a virtual built in mixer to control the mix and sound levels. This all being done from the computer memory hard drive, Hence the new term Drive Jockey.
"oliver has a state of the art dj setup, he oly uses a computer to DJ, he is a drive jockey.
by Oliver Vasilopoulos January 21, 2008
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