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a card game played with bottles of beer or sugary coca-cola

- Turns go clockwise, the person on your left is after you
- Play until 1 man is left standing
- a minimum of 6 people can play
- Always have a tune playing
- Everyone must drink at least once
- Do NOT chicken out
- Never vomit,
- Never admit your in love with someone, people who want to play the game play the game
- A "drop" is 1-2 gulps of your chosen bottle

The cards:
2 = You: the person that got the card asks a random person to take a drop from a chosen bottle
3 = Me: the person that got the card takes a drop from a chosen bottle
4 = All: when this card is drawn, everybody takes a drop from their chosen bottle
5 = Boys: when this card is drawn, every boy takes the drop
6 = Girls: when this card is drawn, every girl takes the drop
7 = Lucky: nothing happens
8 = Drain it!: only 1 bottle is the casualty when this card is played
9 = Recover: take up to 3 turns out healing
10 = Double time!: take up to 6 turns out healing
Jack (11) = Pwned: you're out for a turn
Queen (12) = Question: ask a person a question, in turn either awnser or ask another person a question. if the chain breaks the person who broke the chain takes a drop
King (13) = The boot: the drawer is out until the next round
Ace (1) = Everyone's fucked: it's anyone's game when this card is drawn
Matt: I played 5 rounds of Drinks for Cards with Dan and his friends. some of them were girls!
Mike: Woah, how may rounds did you win? and how many bottles were spent?
Matt: 3, 14
Mike: ... fucking wow
Matt: now i have a fucking headache
by your best idiot May 16, 2010
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