Doing meaningless tasks in order to make yourself appear productive during the final portion of a task, often applied to school before the summer break. Taken from the film Superbad where the main character Evan drills holes during shop class to slack off in his last two weeks of high school.
Seth (in shop class): What are you doing?
Evan: Drilling holes, two weeks left, fuck it.
by moffia351 June 9, 2009
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to deflower; to engage in sexual intercourse with a party who has not previously partaken of such relations
yo man, your sister's lookin' f-i-n-e: fine. anyone drill a pilot hole in her yet?
by dpoz July 18, 2010
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The flakey and sometimes crusty pellets of turd that accumulate around ones dunger
“Man,that new loo paper is terrible! barely did the job,I’m bound to be left with swarf around the drill hole after wiping with that stuff...”
by joey boy 1989 May 22, 2019
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