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Low Saxon word meaning shit. Often used as a prefix to any noun, to express unhappiness on the subject.
Also used as a verb, to say you're having a dump. Same origins and use as the Norwegian word dritt.
drietbook = shit-book (stupid book)
drietzak = shit-bag (asshole)

"Man, you've been in there for ages, what are you doing in that toilet?"
- "drieten!" (shitting, having a dump)
by drietbuul October 15, 2010
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The Driet is a drinking diet. The Driet is designed to help reduce alcohol intake if a person thinks he/she may be drinking in excess. Just like a food diet, the Driet is not about giving up alcohol altogether, but about developing a better understanding of drinking and reducing alcohol intake to a more healthy level.
Person 1: Why are you only having one glass of wine tonight?
Person 2: Because Iā€™m on the Driet
by drietcampaign March 19, 2016
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