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A short period of time. This term is often used in a sexual context.
“Good morning Doctor.”

“Good morning Miss Kleiber, what seems to be the problem?”

“I can't have an orgasm with my partner.”

“The usual reason is inadequate foreplay. Does your partner stimulate you before mounting you?”

“He does caress my boobies and fiddle with my clit but in 2 minutes it’s dried and smoked and he’s on the nuzzle if you know what I mean.”

“Indeed I do. I suggest you use the timer on your phone and tell him that you won’t open the gates for 10 minutes after he starts ‘fiddling’ with your clit as you call it.”

“Thank you doctor.”

“Will that be all? Good morning.”

“Good morning Doctor.”
by Katie4eyes March 03, 2018
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