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1. (n) A 23-year-old man that chooses to derive daily success from how many kills he can get in CounterStrike: CZ

2. (n) A hacker

3. (n) A meanie

4. (adj) Above average skill with the MP5 or any weapon really

5. (adj) Displaying traits of any of the previous definitions, ignoring your g/f to play for hours on end, or drinking eight Mt. Dews a day.
That last headshot was such a Drewskii shot.

Don't play for three hours every night, you might end up like Drewskii.

JMo: Come pay attention to me!
Drewskii: Let me finish this map. I'm pwnin with the MP5 on repub.

by ]HM[.JMo.>. November 09, 2006
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when you nut (cum) on your hand and then punch a girl in the vagina
cum on your hand and then punch a vag thats the drew-skii
by idontknow2 May 27, 2009
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