Under-rated Simpsons character based on Mike Tyson.
Edna Krabappel: Need a ride home?
Drederick Tatum: You really don't want that. Trust me.

Nelson Muntz: *Punches Tatum*
Drederick Tatum: Hey, cut it out. I insist that you desist.
Nelson Muntz: Sorry! I'm so sorry! *Wedgie* Please don't hurt me!
Drederick Tatum: You leave me little recourse.

Drederick Tatum: Litter is my greatest foe -- I would like to eat his children.
by Tederick Dratum August 09, 2010
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a boxer ( drederick tatum ) mentioned in a simpsons cartoon once....
Announcer: please welcome, straight from the county jail, drederick tatum!!!
by Michael Hinchcliffe December 17, 2005
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