Dream dating is when you change your facebook relationship status in order to reflect a fictitious relationship with a famous person.
Facebook Status comment: "Yo Sergio! Congrats on your new relationship with Jasmin Huda! Dream dating news anchors is for champs! Best of luck man!"
by Stu Cherbourg April 14, 2011
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General men, such as Reid’s, have one too many dream dates. There are many options for dates. Reid prefers small men, in stature and pp size. But a lot of pubic hair that completely envelopes the pp, so u can’t see it. Take him out for some nice dinner and pornography. Than he likes it when you just strip everything off him when the date is over. Lastly start jacking him off in his underwear. DO NOT TAKE OFF THE UNDERWEAR!!! He doesn’t like it, he has to get use to u.
Jimmy: Mommy what’s that Reid is doing through the window?
(Jimmys mom) Dick: oh it’s seems as though he is having Reid’s Dream Date
Jimmy: what’s a Reid’s dream date?
Dick: It’s where he thinks of getting hand jobs with men.
Jimmy: I want a to have a Reid’s date dream, a hand job sure does sound fun, from a guy!!!!
by Joe Is The Name December 16, 2019
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