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"No, I can't have sex with you Paris Hilton, I need to watch Drew Stanton"

"You're such a Drazin
by Jeol Drazin October 11, 2006
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Officialy better Fortnite player than Tfue...He killed the whole FaZe squad includin' Tfue,Cloakzy,Tennq and Jaomock.He is now recruited to Freza Klan and it's owner is called Bassi...Dražin wants to lose some weight,but he's eatin' everyday junk food.Also he likes as Leonardo Barulek as his boyfriend.Dražin was also popular with his Freza 90's in which you have to stuck yourself beetwen stairs,floor and wall.
Omg you Have so nice Dražin 90's!
You look like dražins boyfriend!
by ja sam asznee June 04, 2019
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