Referring to the tint on the windows, you can't see in like someone closed the drapes. Drip is the candy paint lookin' wet, like it's gonna drip. 3 six did not invent it... Lil keke's been spittin' that flo since '92.
Rollin' draped up, baller, to keep the sun outcha eyes, smokin' sticks and sippin' bar so you best done realize.
by Assbag666 January 24, 2008
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Originated in H-Town,Texas

A whip that is pimped out with rims, nice sound etc.

Also See:
Dripped Out
"I'm draped up and dripped out, the truth has just slipped out, 84's, Red Doors, Candy Apple Flip-Flop" - Lil' Keke

Tommy: " Hey nice new ride, is that draped up?"
Billy: " Hell yeah mayne, this shit got 84's, candy paint, bass in the back, Hydros and Leather."
Tommy: " Wow Kool Dude"
by Alex and Jeff December 29, 2005
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agressively manhandle
Say that again and i'll drape you up
by NiggaNig October 27, 2003
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Originated in Memphis, as heard in the Triple Six Mafia track "Jealous Ass Bitches" (Bun-B stole the drop for the song draped out.

A nice car with rims and a system.
Draped up and dripped out, know what I'm talkin 'bout
Jealous Ass Bitches, Let that steam out ya collar, ho
by J F April 23, 2007
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Shinin' or Flossin' both your diamonds and heavy-glossed paint job.
One who is covered in diamonds while driving a car that has a custom paint job is 'draped up and dripped out'

this is also known in Houston as 'Comin' down on the slab'
by Slabbed Out May 11, 2009
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Windows darker than my soul and candy paint so damn wet I’m leaving drips up on the freeway.
Zro came through blinding and shinning in his new slab. Ride is draped up and dripped out, knowmmm talkn bout?
by Assbag666 October 8, 2021
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