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A good looking, witty person, usually male, who loves watching and discussing movies, is a huge comic book nerd, enjoys discussing US History especially the Great Depression and organized crime. Full of fun but useless information. A smart ass who is fun to be around for any length of time and the ladies love him but he is a one woman man. When he loves or cares for you it's all the way and not just when you're around.
Jim: Dude have you seen Casablanca?

Jack: Nobody watches those old movies but you.

Jim: Have you read any good comics lately?

Jack: You're such a nerd nobody else does that.

Jim: Did you know that Al Capone wasn't just a gangster, but a great aid to people in need in Chicago during the depression?

Jack: Who cares? Bro you're such a drannan, but I must admit you're pretty awesome.
by Bruce Jordan October 16, 2011
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