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A person who will frequently, through an instant message client, exhibit extremely dramatic behavior. More specifically said person will initiate an IM conversation with a curse of some sort like "damn dude" and then pause and patiently await your response of "what?" before continuing with the point. The amount of time this person will wait may vary but quite frequently they will match you one for one on the amount of time you will wait to respond. Sometimes to the point that you both forget that something needed to be said. An initiation like this is almost always followed up by a glass is half empty outlook and some extreme over exaggeration.
2:53:39 PM Philip: fuck
3:07:22 PM Tony: You're not going to tell me until I ask what are you?
3:09:38 PM Tony: Fine... What seems to be the problem Pip?
3:09:40 PM Philip: I don't think we're going to finish this project on time.. I'm pretty sure they're going to put us in front of the firing squad and execute us March 1 at 12:01 AM.
3:09:50 PM Tony: 8===D~ ( . )( . )
3:09:50 PM Tony: You're such a dramatic im'er
by oedo808 February 22, 2012
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