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Almost identical to Draminatrix, except she has a college degree:
Dramanatrix cling irrationally to the illusion of having control over people places events and animals. The typical Dramanatrix is capable texting, talking, flirting and snarling to multiple targets at once. The Dramanatrix although usually annoying is in most cases not a life threatening condition. However, In some cases I phone separation anxiety can cause a Dramanatrix to snap and destroy everything in her blast radius without warning. If you find yourself in the vicinity of a Dramanatrix who is running low on battery or is approaching the end of her free media or text plan seek a safe hardened location imediatley.

Dramanatrix is a chick that attempts to control multiple situations through drama and misdirection as a hub of major chaos. The Dramanatrix holds friends, family, business associates and lovers hostage through a self centered view of the world. They commit to being in multiple places simultaneously when they are nowhere at all. They worship at the alter of lame excuses while meandering through tiring lapses of credibility. The Dramanatrix is typically an ego maniac with no self esteem. They want many people in their orbit to keep options open and to maximize the disruption of other people’s plans.
Dude: WTF baby , are you coming or not?
Dramanatrix: texts dude the word yep.

20 min later ..
Dude: Let's go, we are almost two hours late..
Dramanatrix: texts, 4 what?
Dude: Dinner.
Dramanatrix: Drunk now,not going..
by Rick Pitt October 10, 2011
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