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Dramacydal was the first name of the group now known as 'Outlawz' formed by 2pac 'the greatest of all time'. When they started most of the members were very young, some still teenagers.

The group consists of Kastro, Fatal, Napoleon, Kadafi(RIP), Komani, EDI Mean, Mussolini. Storm(female) and Young Noble joined just a few months before 2pac's death when the group was then known as 'Outlawz' or 'Outlaw Immortalz'. Most of the members are from Montclair, New Jersey but repped the west side with 2pac.

They appeared on the album 'Me Against The World' under the name Dramacydal. The album hit number 1 while 2pac was in prison and i believe its the only album to top the charts while incarcerated.

As 'Outlawz' the group are known for the songs 'Hit Em Up', 'Made Niggaz','Lost Souls'. They also have an album with 2pac called 'Still I Rise' released in 1999, which Fatal was cut out of due to issues with the label.

The original names were
Young Hollywood - Kadafi
Mu - Napoleon
Big Malcolm - EDI Mean
K-Dog - Kastro
Mopreme - Komani
Big Syke - Mussolini

One of their best tracks would be 'When We Ride' as all 7 members feature in the track. 'Outlawz' is a backronym for Operating Under Thug Laws As Warriorz.
2pac: ''Dramacydal In This Motherfucker'' from the song 'Tradin War Stories', All Eyez On Me.
by Spice Method July 09, 2010
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