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Once upon a Runescape, there was a legendary skiller named BaconAndEggs. He loved to smith and practiced the art for years. Bacon was in love with the skill and got a smithing achievement cape and top 100 rank in no time. However, Bacon had other interests and halted training the smithing skill in pursuit of maxed total level. He hung up his cape, and went on a journey of a lifetime, training every other skill and slaying terrible terrible monsters!

Many years later, while hunting tormented demons, Bacon found a Golden Hammer! This great find reignited his passion for the skill. He dusted off his smithing outfit bought an iron dragon mask and even changed his RSN to DragonForger.

From that day on, DragonForger has smithed many metals, abused many anvils and hammered many chicks. The once smithing hopeful has created a legend for himself and vows to keep smithing till the day he dies, or gets 200m exp in the skill.
Noob A: Hey, where did you get that sweet ass sword?
Noob B: Uhh.. I forgot, why don't you ask DragonForger to make you one? He smiths Dragon armour straight from live Dragons in the wilderness!
by BaconAndEggs March 14, 2011
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