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The unsuspecting wingman used to draw the attention of the hot chick's extrememly overweight/ugly girlfriend
Dude, you went out with john last night?
That girl he wants has a pet dragon.
You were Dragon Bait.
by goldenwyrm June 06, 2009
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This is a word that comes to mind when someone you know throws you "as bait" to the unforseen dragon.
this particular word has no background because I just made it up but you never no,maybe it'll catch on.this is usually done by people who like to stir things up for the fun of it sometimes because they're bored.
person you know:sunny day
dragon:sure is
you:uh huh
p.u.k:speaking of sun,<you> thought <the dragons> new top would look great with <your> tan and took it last night without asking. oh, ya, <you> spilled spaghetti sauce all down the front.
dragon:(starts to foam at mouth, pupils dilate, starts to smell your fear . . )

*sounds of dragon mangling careless top robber and sell-out <Person you know> having a great laugh and getting a thrill out of the excitement for once in their dull little lives.

nobody's perfect. all three here were wrong in someway. choose your friends carefully, loyalty should be sought and a pricking of the ears at the faintest scent of blood should be avoided!
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