A person that has become so high and drunk that believes they truly are royalty. Under this title, they have high ranks of power to easily kill any minority around them. However, they may become exiled which leads them to lose all their powers temporarily. Due to their ego, they will continue to brag about their status, whether they have the title or not. They want the whole world to know how truly fucking awesome they are.
Man 1: Dude, I'm gonna fucking kill you.
Dragon King: You can't touch me. I'll rip your nuts off and make you eat them. I am the motherfucking Dragon King.

Man 1: Too bad you're exiled.
Dragon King: FUUUUUUUU
by Chum Bucket January 2, 2011
Usually the crack head who has consumed, produced or purchased the most amount of dragon glass at any given time out of all fellow participating dragons, the Dragon King title can easily be passed around many times in a single sitting
Let the Dragon King go first it is his dragon glass
by Oh My Odgay December 12, 2019
King Dragon the main antagonist for the ever so popular un-named game.
"King Dragon sends his regards"
"King Dragon sends his regards"
"King Dragon sends his regards"
"King Dragon sends his regards"
by usermamebutwithm September 12, 2020