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Dragomir comes from the term "my dragon" and is a very old name with Greek origin. A Dragomir is usually very lazy and sleeps alot, they like to come late to everything especially work so don't wait up! Expectations are usually low in a Dragomir's life but they are very happy and full of life. To explain important issues, drawing is the best option to clarify his point of view. Dragomir's are very artistic especially with ball point pens. They're favorite drink of choice is Ginger and Orange tea.
Academics are not a Dragomir's strong point but they always find a way to compete to the next round and are able to achieve great things.
They are strict lovers and dedicated to their partners with a loving and fun filled relationship. Valentines Day is however not in a Dragomir's Calenders so partners are advised to create a new day - Dragomir's like new adventures and clever ideas. They like to bet even if they know they won't win sio make sure only to bet gummy bears and not money or the Dragomir will be very poor!
Examples of Dragomir's:
Dragomir Specialities - a sandwhich with honey, ketchup, salami, ham, olives, butter and cucumber.

Dragomir's favorite time of day- lunch time where they eat alot and bed time where they sleep alot.

Dragomir's often say "pi pa po" to explain important things that they can't be bothered saying.

A Dragomir's biggest wish in life is to get a bed with needles to sleep on ( we don't understad this wish but must accept it).
by Miss Know-It-All8-) March 01, 2011
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