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Drag-a-vag is the perfect nickname for what you are about to read. If you have ever gone out or been somewhere and either met up with a girl and her friends or met a group of new girls and you are totally digginthe hot one and she is funny and everything but her friend or friends are ruining it? Not only thtat but her friend is ugly, fat and you can tell instantly she has a crush on you and is going to COCKBLOCK you from the hot one because her friend wants to be nice to her friend and give her a chance with you when you know there is no way in hell you’d ever get with the likes of that disastrous excuse for a human being. Well we call that friend a Drag-a-vag. Because obviously they were dragged along by their friend so that the hot one wasn’t alone.

The reason why it is called drag-a-vag isn’t because they have a saggy pussy, it’s because the friend dragged her along as a third wheel and so they weren’t alone. No one likes a drag-a-vag ladies. Bring yourself and yourself only. The vag part is obviously because the thing they brought with is somehow a woman and we all know you have to have a vagina to be a girl. At least that’s what they say.

*The plural word for Drag-a-vag is Dragged-many-vag’s
“I drove all the way out to Tempe Marketplace to meet this hotty body of a girl just to get vibe killed by her Drag-a-vag.” says Horatio
“I‘m sorry Horatio were you talking?” says Sanchez

Lucas says “Wow that girl was smoking’ but her friend was all lookin’ me up and down and thought I was teasin’ her or some shit and now she thinks she can be all over me.”
Stanley says “Sounds like that girl was a drag-a-vag. So what’d you do essay?”
Lucas looks up and says “I let her touch it for a dollar.”

“THIS IS GOING TO BE FANTASTIC. Finally I get to meet this freaky mama I met off myspace and tonight is going to be hot. There! Right over there! There she is! Uh oh, spaghetti-o’s Robby this ain’t good.” says Heraldo
“What isn’t good Herald?” says Robby
“She brought along some honey’s” says Heraldo
“Not good herald, they are lookin’ pretty nasty.” Robby Says
“Oh no, she dragged-many-vag’s with her! Hide in the Apple Store” yells Heraldo
by Trevor "BLT" Balthrop April 22, 2009
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