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Come with me, follow me (A “Flivver” was one of the slang terms for a Ford Model T but over time the usage grew to encompass all makes and model cars. Drafting is a term used in racing whereby one car would pull up right behind the car in front. If the rear car can stay in the slipstream of the other car then he/she could maintain the same high speed but also reduce his/her fuel consumption which results in fewer pit stops.)
"I gotta squat for a jiffy wiz in The Gran Manzana and I've been head sparkin’ ‘bout pounding that Coney fillet in a twee fire-in-the-hole.
The dewclaws are up. Ya wanna draft my flivver?
Bang the pipes by 5:00 or hold peace.”

"I’ve got a layover in New York City and was thinking about getting a hotdog in a quaint restaurant.
I’m enthusiastic. Do you want to come along?
Call me by 5:00 or it will be too late."
by goose_on_a_roof October 09, 2020
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