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A back massage done by Ralph Drabble. Done by lying the receiver on their stomach and then stepping onto their back. Then asking them to arch up against your foot. It also helps if the back is walked on. A Drabble Stomp is one of the nicest ways to get a massage. It can be done if a Drabble Stand has not worked. So if you want to relax but your back wants to romp, soothe that sacrum with a Drabble Stomp!
Bryant: Hey guys, I need a Drabble Stomp, bad! My back hurts something crazy.

June: No problem, honey. Did you try a Drabble Stand?

Bryant: Yes, but it didn't work. (groans in pain) Oh boy, this is awful.

Ralph: Here, I'll Drabble Stomp you. (he stomps Bryant in the middle of his back) Now, stretch up against my foot. That's it, easy.

Bull: Hey, what's that? Is that some sort of weird massage? You know, my back's crazy hurting! How do you do this?

June: (saying as if she were a P.E. coach) Hit the deck! I'll show you how we do it. (she steps on Bull's back) Now, arch your back up against my foot. See? You 'stomp' your foot in the middle of the other person's back, and they arch up against your foot so that the back is stretched. That's how you do a Drabble Stomp.

Bull: Awesome! The guys at Apopka High would have loved this. I'll have to try it on some of my old boys sometime. Maybe Morris Middleton.

Ralph: Yeah, he'd love it. Drabble Stomps rule!
by Dusty's Baby Powder November 09, 2011
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