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kid: mommy, will you buy me a dr. pepper?
mother: no son, we are too poor. how about i buy you a dr. skipper instead?
by skin May 16, 2005
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If you find that your pathetic collection of nickles and dimes is hardly enough for a much needed can/bottle/2 litter of Dr. Pepper, never fear! The inovative minds of Safeway Select have created for us Dr. Skipper. A name so delightfully familiar that we know what it's supposed to be a rip off of, yet still safe from the snapping jaws of soda company attourneys. You may find the price to be narly.

Warning: Driking Dr. Skipper warm may not result in a pleasuable expiriance.
"Hey guys, I searched the couch cushions today, how's about I spring for a two litter of Dr. Skipper!"

"Sure, sounds grand!"

"Thanks man, you're narly to the max"
by fondoo July 14, 2005
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A Safeway bootleg bargain-basement knock-off generic drink that appears to be a xeroxed watered-down Dr. Pepper... but it really actually tastes more like a slightly watery Mr. Pibb---which also tastes like a Dr. Pepper rip-off.

Eh... it has it's charm.
I can't afford a can of Dr. Pepper. How about a two-liter jug of Dr. Skipper?
Dr. Skipper?!? He's a quack!!!
by ALL THAT DAMN DUDE TALK October 24, 2018
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