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Proper Noun Dr. Fluffy Grits is a 29 year old computer and cheekie loving coon hunter from Indiana. He has many attributes that make him special. He can suck the creme out of a twinkie without compromising the integrity of the moist cake covering. He can also lick a gummy bear, and immediately identify the color of Nipple Pop's cheekies. He has been known to carry a large purse to protect his goodies...Bambi poison, xanies, now & later panties, and even a 20 inch flat screen monitor.

Dr. Fluffy Grits has a diverse set of interests. He loves grooving to the Pussycat dolls, making out with Nipple Pop, buying low budget porn off slickdeals, listening to some band called Def...something (famous for butchering Skynard classics), playing with goats, and cyber sex.

Dr. Fluffy Grits should be considered very dangerous due to his volatile mood swings attributed to personal issues.
Damnit Dr. Fluffy Grits... Quit writing "" on that goat's ass and get over here to check out these new cheekies!!!
by Trixie-Ness Strikes Again February 11, 2008
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