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1.)Phonetic pronunciation of the word "douchebag." Originates from how a computer program says the term "douchebag".
2.) A (usually un/undereducated) guy/girl that thinks he/she knows it all, and eagerly seizes on any opportunity to blather on (usually at extreme length) about said subject. This person possesses surface knowlege at best, and such blathering is to show everyone present that he or she is not ignorant. In so doing, however, he/she not only makes him/herself look ignorant, but, even worse, someone whom thinks they know something but knows nothing and wants to brag about it, in essence making him or herself look like a total douche!
Note: This person is usually male, though douchebaggotry frequently occurs in females.
"Oh, fuck, here he goes again. Everytime somebody says something about ANY subject he clears his throat and then starts going on and on about it. You can tell he got all his info from watching the Discovery Channel! What a dowtchabag!"
by Arkadius September 07, 2012
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