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This word is an infusion of two characteristics: "Downer" and "Pussy". It refers to a person who is always down and out and too much of a pussy to put themselves out there to have fun. (Hence, "downerpuss") You rarely see the Downerpuss laughing and joking (if ever) and they usually have a sour look on their face, and a dull personality to match. "Limp Noodle" or "Wet Blanket" are also discriptive phrases for a Downerpuss. Conversations with a Downerpuss are always a dead end. It usually involves them complaining and being butt-hurt about about life. They don't like it when other people are excited or having fun because it means not everyone is miserable like them. It is difficult to maintain a friendship with a Downerpuss because they never wanna do anything. That's not to be confused with someone who prefers the quiet home life, the Downerpuss never wants to do anything ever and spends all their time sulking in self pitty. Even going out for some exsercise and a nice stroll sounds repulsive to them.

This does not mean the Downerpuss is a bad person. Deep down inside they really care, they are just too afraid to show it on the outside. So be nice to the Downerpuss you know, (i'm sure we all know someone) and remember they have feelings too.
"See that guy over there, he's alright but he's a real Downerpuss."

"Why can't you just be happy for me!? You're such a Downerpuss!"
by Jazzy Belle October 17, 2009
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