God damn Mike has this job down to A T!
(Mike has perfected "this job")
by dfgsafq35g4w5 June 14, 2016
A phrase for when a drafter has simply had enough of drafting and simply cannot manage to draft another line
Person 1: Hey bro, I need some plans drawn up for a new house we are building
Person 2: I’m Sorry bro, but I am putting down the T-Square
Person 1: Oh No! Will you ever return???
Person 2: I don’t know, maybe I will, maybe I wont. Drafting is hard work sonny
by A_Random_Tall_Kid January 28, 2022
A phallic object in minecraft, usually shown on mcyums channel
McYum: somebody has been building upside down Ts all over my house
by ReetusNeetusDefines October 9, 2020
A term for penis, commonly used sarcastically to sound innocent.
Bro, I swear it's just an upside-down T!
by Qoulidude July 19, 2022